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Mrs. L. Rogerson from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, loved miniature things and in 1918 she thought of creating a small canary to breed as a hobby.
She bought some small Harzers and smallest Crests from the Scottis breeder Jhon Mclay.then she mated the smallest tufted birds born in her farm with J.M Madagan's small Borders.
Year after year,Mrs Rogerson managed to create tufted and non tufted (Consort) birds 11.43 cm long.In a few words, this is the history of our beloved Glosters. More than 80 years have passed and Glosters are widespread in stud worldwide.

And now, a brief history of my stud
: I have been selecting a stock of  Glosters in purity for a number of years, following the English standard, that is: the Smallest possible size and high quality plumage. I have chosen to partecipate only specialist shows, where judgements are made by comparison, most often by famous English judges/breeders.


Gloster Canaries history

Gloster Canaries history
History Glosters canaries stud by Boldrini Paolo

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